Boost Your Cannabis License Application by Partnering with Labor

Illinois Cannabis Unions is a coalition of some of the largest and most forward-thinking labor unions in Illinois who already represent workers in the state’s cannabis industry or will seek to represent new employees now that the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (HB1438), has been signed by Gov. Pritzker. Together, we will help grow the new industry, advocate for its success, and support the thousands of workers across all racial lines and backgrounds throughout our state who will help staff and service legal cannabis. No matter the background or where we they come from, all workers deserve a better future for their families and that starts with joining in union.

The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act’s labor neutrality language clearly lays out organized labor’s role within the cannabis industry in Illinois as envisioned by the General Assembly and Governor (P. 3, line 5):

“The General Assembly supports and encourages labor neutrality in the cannabis industry and further finds and declares that employee workplace safety shall not be diminished and employer workplace policies shall be interpreted broadly to protect employee safety.”

There are labor provisions that are referred to throughout the law that highlight our state’s belief that organized labor can and should represent workers if they so choose within the cannabis industry. To go along with encouraging that effort, the law awards up to five (5) points out of a possible 250, for entering into a “labor peace agreement” with a labor organization recognized under the National Labor Relations act.

If you’re thinking about applying for a license, are a current operator, investor, or are generally interested in learning more about organized labor’s role within the Illinois cannabis industry, fill out the form below and select which license or division you’re focusing on. Someone will get in touch with you shortly.

On behalf of the 225,000 proud members of the undersigned local unions, we thank you for visiting our website and engaging with our locals.