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Did you know that hundreds of your fellow cannabis industry workers are already represented by unions throughout Illinois? In fact, The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act actively and explicitly encourages companies in the Illinois cannabis industry to enter into Labor Peace Agreements so that they’re completely neutral in any organizing effort by employees and/or unions within the industry. Already, over 1,700 LPA’s have been signed with almost 400 companies who are coming into the forthcoming industry.

By going union, your industry colleagues are guaranteeing that a contract ensures they get paid what they’re worth, provides affordable healthcare for themselves and their families, offers an employer provided pension, guarantees job training to move up through the industry and turn your job into a career, and ensures a safer workplace through mandated health and safety training.

Recent studies have shown that unionized workers enjoy wages 27% higher than their non-union counterparts and pay far less for medical and retirement benefits. A contract also means that you have a voice on the job, and are able to negotiate your working conditions, schedules, wages, and benefits with your employer through a federally protected right to unionize and collectively bargain. In Illinois, over 900,000 workers are union in every industry and every community, so you’re joining a huge movement to better the lives of working people in our state.

A cannabis contract also means that in the era of consolidation, mergers, and unstable cannabis industry practices, you and your livelihood are protected.

Local 881 United Food and Commercial Workers is the largest cannabis union in Illinois, and part of an international union that already represents over 10,000 cannabis workers nationwide. In partnership with other unions like the Teamsters, Service Employees International Union Local 1, and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 399, we have every position and role within the industry represented with experienced, professional, statewide unions. Combined, over 225,000 members are represented in IL by the four unions who make up the IL Cannabis Unions Coalition.

Reach out to a local union organizer today and learn what the power of standing together with your fellow workers can do to improve your life, and that of your family.

On behalf of the 225,000 proud members of the undersigned local unions, we thank you for visiting our website and engaging with our locals.